Monday, April 3, 2017

Deadbolt Lock Installation in NYC

Worried about burglaries in NYC?

A deadbolt lock installation may be the solution.

New York’s CBS 2 recently reported on a rash of burglaries on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. CBS News contacted expert locksmith Mike Khiyayev of Safehouse Locksmith to demonstrate lock safety for viewers in the NY Metropolitan area. It turns out that there are easy tricks burglars can use to force locks open. Without a proper deadbolt lock installation in NYC, it can be surprisingly easy for intruders to break into your home and get access to the valuables, and people, inside.

Watch Mike’s appearance on this CBS News report to learn from Mike Khiyayev how to better protect your home.

Why a Deadbolt?

Many homes are now locked with “slam locks” that are surprisingly easy to pick with  the right skill set. While people like slam locks for the convenience of locking automatically when they close the door, the lock itself is surprisingly weak. A slam lock by itself will not be enough to keep determined burglars out of homes. Indeed, they can be fiddled open with a piece of plastic and a little bit of knowhow. For that reason, secure homes actually have two different locks, a slam lock for the knob and a deadbolt on top for added security.  Having to manually shut the deadbolt when leaving your home in the morning may seem inconvenient, but such a simple act can be the difference between three seconds of daily inconvenience and the worst day of your life.

If you need deadbolt lock installation in NYC, or you are concerned that yours isn’t working properly, call Mike at Safehouse Locksmith at (212) 757-1111.

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