Thursday, December 19, 2013

Locksmith Queens

Last month, a man entered the Venzini Clothing Store in Queens through the roof and stole $5000. It happened around 4 am on November 24. The man was caught on camera and authorities are asking for any information.

If you own a store and are in need of any lock services, Safehouse Locksmith is a professional company that can install any types of locks to your home or business. Our locksmiths in Queens can install several types of locks, including:

  • Master systems
  • Deadbolts
  • Doorknobs
  • Panic bars

If your business has been broken-into, we can re-lock or repair any damaged doors or windows. We also provide several unlocking services. If you have accidentally locked yourself out of your car or home, we can quickly get you back in. We have locksmiths in five boroughs that are all very familiar with their areas. They will quickly arrive and efficiently unlock your doors.

Since we employ all of our own locksmiths and never subcontract, you do not need to worry about any inflated fees. If you would like more information on any of the services provides by our Queens locksmith, contact Safehouse Locksmith.

Safehouse Locksmith
76-35 168 Street
Fresh Meadows NY 11366

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Locksmith Bethel CT

 locksmith bethel ct
Have you been locked out of your car? It can be stressful, but you do not have to wait for long if you call Safehouse Locksmith. Our locksmiths in Bethel CT are familiar with the area and can get to you very quickly to ensure that you are back in your car and on the road in no time.

Even if you do not misplace your keys, you may find yourself locked out of your care during these cold winter months. Many times, a lock can freeze in the snow and rain. Here are some tips from a locksmith on what to do if your car is frozen shut:

Spray some de-icer into the lock. If you don’t have any de-icer, try rubbing alcohol.
Cover your lock with masking tape. This will prevent water from getting into your lock and freezing.
Park strategically. If you park in the sun, it will take longer for water to freeze. If you park under a tree, it can shield your car from snow and rain.
If your door is covered in ice, try to scrape all of the ice off before opening.

Hopefully you will not be locked out of your car this winter. If you do need a Bethel CT locksmith contact Safehouse Locksmith.

Safehouse Locksmith
76-35 168 Street
Fresh Meadows NY 11366

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Locksmith Greenwich CT

This past summer, Bethel resident Evan McManus was arrested for allegedly attempting to scale the facade of a home in Greenwich. He was easily visible since it was the middle of the afternoon. When police arrived, McManus was reported to leap into the backyard from a second floor balcony.

If you are looking to have locks installed to your home or business, Safehouse Locksmith is a locksmith in Greenwich CT. We provide several types locksmith services. We can replace or clones any key for homes, business or cars. If you have accidentally locked yourself out of your home or vehicle, we can rapidly arrive at the scene to help let you back in.

Having good lock system will keep burglars out of any floor of your home. We can install deadbolts and rolling gates for storefronts. We also provide both repairs and opening for safes. Our expert technicians have the skills to open safes with minimal or no damages.

 locksmith green
If you would like any more information about any of the services that out Greenwich CT locksmiths provide, contact Safehouse Locksmith.

Safehouse Locksmith
76-35 168 Street
Fresh Meadows NY 11366

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tips For Finding a Professional Locksmith in Fairfield County CT

When leaving your house you do the same routine: phone, keys, wallet. While leaving your phone or wallet at home is an annoyance, locking your keys inside can become quite a hassle. It can also be more costly to you in the long-run.

Here is a list of things you need to remember if your are ever in this predicament:

  • Prepare yourself by saving a local area locksmith in your phone. Being familiar with the locksmith also helps.
  • Make sure it's a local company. Ask for the name and address of the company to verify that it is local, many companies subcontract. Be wary if a business answers their phone with a phrase similar to “Emergency Locksmith”.
  • Confirm the rate before confirming the service. Some locksmiths may advertise online that they offer a cheap rate and tack on additional charges in the end. Even a ballpark figure is better than finding out that the $15 service you thought you were getting is now $75.
  • Know who you're dealing with. When the locksmith arrives at your home ask to see identification and for their license number. Connecticut is one of fifteen states that requires locksmiths to be licensed. This protects both the customer and the company. Likewise any professional locksmith will want to confirm that the property you are entering is yours and will ask for identification.
  • Many locksmiths work out of vehicles, any professional locksmith will most likely have a work van that will display the company name.
  • Expert locksmiths first choice is to pick a lock, even though it is more time consuming it does less damage to the lock itself. If the locksmith goes for the drill be wary of his experience.
These tips should help you in finding a good, professional and reliable locksmith. If you are looking for a locksmith in Danbury Connecticut call Safehouse Locksmith, a proven professional locksmith company.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Tips from a Fairfield County Locksmith

Whether you are locked out of your car, need new locks on your doors or simply want to make a copy of your key, going to a reliable locksmith is critical. Safehouse Locksmith offers dependable, convenient and timely locksmith service in Fairfield County as well as 24 hour emergency locksmith service for cars and homes, and we have published a list of some useful tips that can help you this winter.
  • Deadbolt locks are the best form of security for your home’s entryways. If you do not have deadbolts, you should have them installed as soon as possible.
  • Make sure that your locks are at least 40 inches away from the windows.
  • Keep a safe where you want to keep important documents and valuables. A safe that is bolted to the ground is ideal, because it will make it impossible for a burglar to simply steal the belongings by stealing the safe.
  • Do not keep your key under the mat. The best place for a spare key is about fifteen feet away from your door and out of sight. Affixing a key to the downspout of a gutter or burying it underneath some mulch can be a great way to hide it but ensure that when you need it, you have it.

If you would like to learn more about the Fairfield County locksmith services provided by Safehouse Locksmith, contact us today and speak with a friendly lock specialist.

Safehouse Locksmith


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Emergency Locksmith Service in Queens

We have all been locked out and know that it is no fun. If you have accidentally locked yourself out of your home or vehicle, Safehouse Locksmith is a professional locksmith company that offers emergency locksmith services in Queens. We will have you back inside in no time at all. Our staff is familiar with every area of every borough, so that we can get to any location as quickly as possible.

Safehouse Locksmith is the ideal locksmith company because of our honesty. Many other locksmith companies will give you one price but then add hidden costs. When we give you a price for our Queens emergency locksmith services, we promise that we will never overextend them.

Another thing that sets Safehouse Locksmith apart from the rest is that we employ all of our own locksmiths. We never subcontract out any jobs. Subcontractors often work on a commission and will therefore inflate charges.

We offer a service guarantee along with any of our emergency locksmith services in Queens. If any job is not satisfactory, we will return immediately to repair it. If you would like more information on any of our locksmith services, call Safehouse Locksmith at 718-380-6097.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Queens Lockout Service

Life is hectic, and sometimes you find yourself in a situation that doesn't make it easier. Have you lost your keys? Have you locked your keys in your car? Did you forget your keys in your home? We know it's a hassle, and Safehouse Locksmith is here to help. For years, Safehouse Locksmith has provided 24 hour emergency lockout service in Queens.

Car keys have come a long way over the past 20 years, implementing microchips and laser cutting, to insure the safety of your vehicle. Safehouse Locksmith will provide you with any car key you need, offering a premier Queens lockout service. Our mobile units come on-site to cut a new car key and can repair, or replace, any car ignition cylinder. Our locksmiths are trained in performing services for:

  • Transponder Keys
  • Vat Systems
  • Laser Cut Keys
  • Car Door and Trunk Locks Repaired
  • All Makes and Models Serviced

Safehouse Locksmith will help you with any lockout service in Queens you may need. Whether it's your home, office or retail space, we service all of your security needs. We are professional and friendly locksmiths that will take care of any lockout emergency in Queens.

At Safehouse Locksmith, our expert locksmith staff is not subcontracted. These locksmiths work for us, and not for commission, ensuring that you will not be overcharged. If you need emergency lockout service in Queens, call Safehouse Locksmith 24/7 at 718-380-6097

Monday, August 19, 2013

Locked Out in Queens? Don't Panic!

Did you lock yourself out again? It's not always easy finding a lockout service in Queens. SafeHouse Locksmith will respond immediately to any Queens lockout. Our expert locksmiths will help you if you're locked out of your home, need a deadbolt lock repaired, or extract a broken key in the cylinder. Our competitive rates and ability to be where you need us in Queens sets us above the rest. We provide superior lockout service in Queens, guaranteed. 
We also provide other lock services in Queens:
  1. Panic Bars installed in Queens
  2. Break-In Repairs in Queens
  3. Marshall Evictions in Queens
  4. Emergency Commercial Lockout Service in Queens
  5. Emergency Car Lockout Service in Queens
Have you called other lockout services in Queens and they've quoted you a very low price? Some technicians to help and they start tacking on extra fees. This is not the case with Safehouse Locksmith, because we will never exceed the price of the quote that we offer. We do not subcontract like many other lockout services in Queens, so our locksmiths do not work on commission. Our locksmiths work for Safehouse Locksmith and no one else!
All of our services are guaranteed. If a problem does arise after a project or repair, Safehouse Locksmith will dispatch an expert to fix the problem immediately. We select only the best materials in the security business.

Safehouse Locksmith provides lockout services in Queens with reliable, professional, and prompt service. Call us today at 718-380-6097

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Our Brooklyn Lockout Service Will Help You Get In

When you are already running late to work, what could be worse than locking yourself out of your car? Time is of the essence in a situation like this, so call Safehouse Locksmith for lockout service in Brooklyn to help you get things moving again. Whether you need car locksmith service in Brooklyn or residential locksmith service in Brooklyn, we will get there fast, work efficiently, and professionally help you during your lockout.

Sometimes being locked out can turn into an emergency. When your dog is locked in the car in the middle of July, you need to get inside – fast. The biggest mistake here would be to resort to a Brooklyn lockout service that does not make you the top priority. Safehouse Locksmith will be where you need us, when you need us.

If you need Brooklyn lockout service, contact the locksmith experts at Safehouse Locksmith right now by calling 1-718-775-5591. Our professionals are highly trained with the tools and skills to solve any Brooklyn lockout issue quickly and effectively.

Locksmith in Bayside

In the movies, lock picking is a coveted skill a spy must attain to break into a safe or secret room in order to solve a mystery. There's always that infamous scene where the spy uses a stethoscope in order to unlock the safe where the stolen rubies hide away. A stethoscope isn't used in real life but lockpicking still comes in handy when you're locked out. Any kind of lock can get jammed and break, whether it's on a house door, a car door, a safe, or a motorcycle. That's when you call Safehouse Locksmith, a  locksmith company in Bayside, NY.

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week even on holidays, Safehouse Locksmith provides emergency service for those accidental lockouts. Servicing all of Bayside, we install deadbolts, doorknobs, panic bars, and door closers as well as change and repair locks, replace broken doors, and help those locked out. We offer high security locks and cylinders as well as new lock installations for high security pick proof deadbolts, jimmy proof locks, police locks and Mortice locks. Our Bayside locksmiths take pride in helping our customers feel safe and secure in their homes, offices, and cars.

Call 1-800-330-4043 for our Bayside locksmith service if you are locked out or are looking to install or repair locks. We never overextend the price of the the quote we offer on our locksmith services and we hire our own locksmiths.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Queens Locksmiths Provide Safety and Security for Local Community

The Queens locksmiths from Safe House Locksmith are concerned with the safety of your home, business, car and community. If you are in need of installations, repairs or replacements of keys, locks and other security products, Safe House Locksmith is the locksmith for you!

Our locksmiths in Queens work 24-hours a day, seven days a week in residential and commercial settings, as well as with vehicles. We offer fast, professional services that will keep you feeling safe and secure at all times.

From general locksmith services to lockout assistance, Safe House Locksmith is your all-in-one solution. We offer scheduling for our services, but we also provide emergency locksmith services. Some of the specific services provided by our locksmiths in Queens include:
  • Aluminum door pivots
  • Buzzer and security systems
  • Changing locks
  • Deadbolt lock installation
  • Door knob installation
  • Gate locks
  • Home break-in repairs
  • Ignition lock repairs
  • Laser cut keys
  • Lock repairs
  • Lockset repairs
  • Master key systems
  • Panic bars installed
  • Rekeying services
  • Replacing broken door locks
  • Transponder key services
  • Unlocking mail boxes
  • VAT systems for malfunctioning car alarms and locked steering wheels

Our highly-trained and specialized locksmiths will work efficiently to maximize your safety as quickly as possible. For more information about the services provided by our Queens locksmiths, contact Safe House Locksmith today at 718-380-6097.

Safehouse Locksmith Does Honda Key Replacements for Queens

An unfortunate reality of life is that occasionally we lose things and can't find them again. Sometimes we expect it – socks are easy to replace – but what are we supposed to do when we lose the keys to our car? Safehouse Locksmith wants you to know that if you drive a Honda, we should be your destination for Honda replacement keys in Queens. No matter why you need a replacement key, Safehouse Locksmith can supply a spare for any year, make, and model Honda you're driving and get you back on the road in no time. We will respond to calls for Honda key replacement in Queens 24 hours a day, so you never have to wait for too long to use your car again.

Our car key locksmith experts are more than happy to help with Honda key replacements in Queens, but what if you have a different brand of car? We carry locksmith services for a variety of different manufacturers, including Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Lexus, Mercedes, Jeep, Chevy, Dodge, and many others. We want your Honda key replacement process to be as speedy and stress free as possible, so you can count on our technicians to reproduce a key for you promptly and efficiently. Cutting a new key is a fast solution that might save you thousands of dollars in work towards having the car re-fitted for a new transponder. Our experts will be able to cut you a new key on-site as well as repair the ignition cylinder or any other problem with the ignition you might be having.

No matter what your reasons are, count on Safehouse Locksmith for any Queens Honda key replacement you need. We understand that sometimes you're just going to need a key, so when this happens give us a call at 1-718-469-4444 and talk to one of our locksmiths about how we can help get you a replacement. If you want to know about any of our other locksmith services, contact us today!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Check Out Our Locksmiths in Brooklyn!

Misplaced or lost keys present an immediate problem, but can give rise to long-term concerns as well. What if someone was to find your keys and use them against you to get into your home, office or vehicle? If you cannot recover your keys, the locksmiths in Brooklyn from Safe House Locksmith can make you a new set of keys and even replace your locks so that you never have to worry about unwanted visitors.

At Safe House Locksmith, our number one priority is keeping you safe at all times. Whether you have a scheduled appointment with us, or require emergency locksmith services, our locksmiths work around the clock, 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide you with all of the services you may need.

While we provide many residential and commercial locksmith services in Brooklyn, we also provide a number of services for vehicles. Our car locksmiths in Brooklyn can make, fix or replace laser cut keys, transponder keys, ignition locks and vat systems. No matter what type of issue you are having, our professionals will be there for you every step of the way.

Safety is our main concern at Safe House Locksmith, and whether you are locked out of your house, your office building or your car, it is not a trivial matter. We firmly believe in providing you with quick and efficient services so that you can get back to the routine of your daily life as soon as possible.

The next time you misplace or lose your keys, do not worry or get upset. With our locksmiths in Brooklyn, the problem will be solved in no time at all. To find out more information about the services we provide, or if you are in need of a Brooklyn locksmith, contact Safe House Locksmith today at 718-775-5591.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Make Safehouse your Queens Locksmith

Safehouse Locksmith wants you to feel secure in your home for an honest price, which is why we want to be your Queens Locksmith. Other companies might try to rope you into an unfair deal where they charge you for additional services at slanted rates, but Safehouse Locksmith has built a reputation on honesty and reliable, professional business interactions – because we care about our customers. We hire only the best locksmiths in the area and never subcontract our jobs to other companies. By offering our locksmith services in Queens, we are proud to be supplying your community the security and peace of mind that everyone deserves.

Whether you need re-keying, key replacement, lock changes, car re-entry, home re-entry deadbolt lock installation, or another locksmith service, Safehouse Locksmith will fix your problem with our quality locks and highly skilled staff that make sure that you are being taken care of in a convenient and courteous manner. We are willing to help you 24 hours a day and by using our advanced locksmith technology we can diagnose and find a solution to your problem quickly and effectively. Queens locksmith service has never been so convenient.

If you have questions about how Safehouse Locksmith can be your Queens locksmith today, call 718-380-6097 and speak to one of our experienced professionals. Our Queens locksmith offers 24 hour service, so get in touch with us about any problems and we will gladly help you come up with an immediate solution to your security needs.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Locksmiths in Fresh Meadows Solve All Lock Problems

There is nothing worse than that sinking feeling you get when you realize that you are locked out. Whether it is outside of your home, office or car, being locked out can certainly put a damper on the day. Rather than trying to recall if you ever handed out that spare set of keys you have, trust in the professional locksmiths in Fresh Meadows, NYC from Safe House Locksmith to get you back inside or back on the road in no time.

At Safe House Locksmith, our locksmiths have been working in the field for many years, and have experience with all types of locks in residential and commercial settings as well as in automobiles. We work 24 hours a day, seven days a week to keep you feeling safe and secure at all times.

In addition to working with lockouts, our Fresh Meadows locksmiths can install, repair and replace locks. We specialize in high-security locks and high-security cylinders. We also work with master keys, deadbolts, door knobs and panic bars.

Our locksmiths in Fresh Meadows are security experts that can solve any lock problems you may have. Whether you need new locks or are locked out, do not panic. Our locksmiths will provide you with a quick, reliable and long-lasting solution. For more information about the services we provide, or if you are in need of a locksmith, contact us today at 718-775-5591.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bronx Locksmith

If you are looking for a locksmith in the Bronx, Safehouse Locks has you covered. We employ skilled and experienced locksmiths that are very familiar with every borough and neighborhood in New York City. We can be there to help in no time and get you back in your home or vehicle. Our locksmiths are working around the clock, seven days a week, to help our customers.

In addition to our re-entry services, our locksmiths in the Bronx also install locks. We install master key systems and deadbolts. We work with both commercial and residential properties for:

  • Doors
  • Gates
  • Buzzers
  • Security systems
  • Safes
  • Vaults

Safehouse Locksmiths installs doors, gates, garage doors and rolling gates for homes and businesses. We also repair any of these things if they are damaged by a break-in. It’s unfortunate when these things happen, but when they do, we will be there immediately to amend the situation.

We have worked with several types and brands of safes to be familiar with all of them. We provide services for safe repairs,  openings, combination and key changes, tune ups, drilling and safe picking.

If you are in need of our Bronx locksmiths’ services, call Safehouse Locksmiths at 718-469-4444.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Locksmiths in Brooklyn

If you are in need of a locksmith in Brooklyn, Safehouse Locksmith is here for you. We have locksmiths ready to help 24 hours a day. They are familiar with all five New York City boroughs and can quickly arrive at your home or car if you have accidentally locked yourself out.

Sometimes a key can break right off in the lock. Our Brooklyn locksmiths can easily retrieve it. No matter what the problem is, Safehouse Locksmith will quickly have your home or car unlocked. We can replace any keys including motorcycle keys.

Safehouse Locksmith offers many commercial locksmith services. We can install master key systems for both homes and businesses. With a master key system installed you no longer need to worry about carrying around or losing your keys.

We also install ingle- or double-cylinder deadbolt locks. Our Brooklyn locksmiths are well trained and skilled to masterfully install them into any door. We also sell and install a wide variety of safes.

If you would like more information on out Brooklyn locksmiths or any of our services, call Safehouse Locksmith at 718-775-5591.

Expert Locksmiths in Queens

If you have found yourself locked out of your home or vehicle, you need a locksmith in Queens who can quickly rectify your unfortunate situation. Safehouse Locksmith is staffed with highly trained and skilled technicians that are familiar with all five New York buroughs. We can arrive at any location shortly to get you back into your home or vehicle in no time. Whether you have locked your keys inside or you keys have broken off inside of the lock, we can easily help.

Safehouse Locksmith has Queens locksmiths working 24 hours a day to assist people. All of our staff is employed directly by us. This is important because many companies hire out subcontractors who work on a commission. They are known to inflate prices. We are known for our honesty and would never treat our customers like that.

Along with our 24 hour services, we provide several other lock services throughout New York City, including:

  • Master key system
  • Deadbolt installation
  • Door knob installation
  • Rekeying services
  • Lock changing
  • Door closer installation
  • Broken lock replacements
  • Panic bar installation
  • Lockset repair
  • Aluminum door pivots
  • Home break-in repairs

If you are in need of a locksmith in Queens NY, do not hesitate to call Safehouse Locksmith at 718-380-6097.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Brooklyn Car Locksmiths Get You Back on the Road

In today's society, everyone is always on the move. From going to school or work to running errands, going to appointments and meeting up with friends and family, people travel more in their cars now than ever before. So what happens if you get locked out of your car? It prevents you from traveling and potentially may even leave you stranded. Rather than panicking about what to do, car locksmiths in Brooklyn are available to help.

At Safe House Locksmith, our locksmiths have been in the business for more than 20 years. As a family-owned and operated company, Safe House Locksmith supplies the New York area with Brooklyn car locksmiths, who are available 24/7 for emergency services.

If you are experiencing a lockout because you locked your keys in your car, lost your keys or are having other issues, our Brooklyn locksmiths will service you right away. Our locksmiths come prepared with our mobile units that allow them to make or replace car keys, car ignition switches and transponder keys. They are also able to provide services for laser cut keys, vat systems and ignition lock repair.

All of our services are fully guaranteed. If you are still having an issue after we provide you with our services, we will come back and fix the problem immediately! We will provide you with affordable pricing on all of our services, and we will work quickly and efficiently to get you back in your car and on the road again.

The next time you get locked out or have a problem with your car, contact Safe House Locksmith for locksmiths in Brooklyn. Our number for the Brooklyn area is 718-775-5591.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

NYC’s Car Locksmiths Are Quick to Assist You

If you are in need of any type of service regarding car keys and locks, Safehouse Locksmith is a professional company staffed with skilled NYC Car Locksmiths. If you get locked out of your car, we can be there immediately to get you back in. We use only the most modern tools and computers that allow us to open your car quickly without causing any damage.

Safehouse Locksmiths employs all of our own NYC car locksmiths. Many other businesses may subcontract locksmiths who work on a commission. This can cause inflated prices. We believe in fair and affordable pricing. Our locksmiths are honest and all of our services come with a guarantee. If anything breaks or is not working correctly, we will immediately send over a technician to repair the problem.

Many cars now have transponder and laser cut keys. We can easily repair, replace or duplicate any of these. Sometimes a key can break right off in your ignition. We can easily get it out and make a replacement key.

No matter what your problem is, we have NYC car locksmiths working around the clock to ensure that you are never locked out of your vehicle for long. For more information on any of our locksmithing services, call Safehouse at 212-757-1111.

Safehouse Has Car Locksmiths in NYC

Are you standing outside of your cars looking at your keys hanging from the ignition? It happens, but that does not mean that you should be kept locked out waiting in the cold for long. If you are looking for a car locksmith in NYC, Safehouse Locksmith can get to you in no time. Our locksmiths are familiar with New York City, which allows them to get anywhere quickly.

We understand that you do not always lose your keys in convenient times. That is why Safehouse provides 24 hour locksmith services in NYC. We can help with all lock related problems. Whether you need to open a locked door, or your keys broke off in the lock, our staff is well trained and equipped to solve your problems.

We provide any lock services for homes, businesses and vehicles. Some of our automobile locksmith services include:

  • Transponder car keys
  • Replacement car keys
  • Lock repairs
  • Ignition lock repairs
  • Laser cut keys
  • 24 hour lockout assistance

We can also replace car key remotes. If you require a car locksmith in NYC for any reason, we are the company who can help you immediately. For more information on any of our services, call Safehouse Locksmith at 212-757-1111.

Safehouse Locksmith Repairs Motorcycle Locks in NYC

If you own a motorcycle, you realize that taking it to the shop to see a mechanic can get pricey  If you are in need of smaller services such as motorcycle lock repair in NYC, Safehouse Locksmith can help you at a fraction of a cost that the dealer would charge.

Safehouse Locksmith is a professional NYC motorcycle locksmith company that believes in honesty and fair pricing. While a lot of our competitors may subcontract workers that may inflate prices to raise commissions, we hire a skilled staff who will provide high quality jobs. Additionally, if there are any problems with a job, we will return immediately to fix them.

We perform a wide variety of tasks involving motorcycle keys, including:

  • Extraction of broken keys
  • Replacement
  • Locks and cylinder repairs
  • Ignition switch lock repairs

We are available 24 hours a day to take care of any emergencies that you may have. If you are having trouble with an ignition switch, we can replace that for you. Do not wait for it to get worse.

Along with motorcycles, Safehouse provides services for any other locks and also manufactures master key systems. If you would like more information on any of these services or motorcycle lock repair in NYC, call us at 212-757-1111.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

24 Hour Locksmiths Brooklyn

Over 8 million people live in New York City , one of the largest and most unique communities in the world.  While most of these residents are great people and always make sure to do the right thing, there are sadly others who cannot be trusted and it is important that you are aware of potential dangers and stay safe.  Since you spend most of your life at home, this should be your sanctuary and safehold, but that is not possible if your lock security is out of date.  If it has been a few years since you have last updated your locks, Safehouse Locksmith has 24 hour locksmiths in Brooklyn to help you fix that.

The great news about Safehouse Locksmith is that we do not make our customers wait until the next morning to assist them with any of their lock needs.  As a 24 hour Brooklyn locksmith we make a promise to always be ready when you need us.  Whether you are looking to update your locks, get copies of keys made, or are looking to install a new electronic entry system, our experts are well qualified to provide you with the best possible service.  

In New York City, the demand for security is very high right now and you should be confident in the safety of your own home or business.  To learn more about how our 24 hour Brooklyn locksmith services can help you and to speak with one of our experts, call Safehouse Locksmith today at 718-775-5591.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

24 Hour Locksmith in Brooklyn

24 Hour Locksmith in BrooklynDoesn’t it always seem like you lose things at the most inconvenient times?  For example, you never lose your keys when someone else is around to help, but it is always in the middle of a frigid January night.  If you have ever had to break into your own home, apartment, or car, you understand this exact scenario.  Fortunately, the days of getting stuck out in the cold are over and Accurate Locksmith is the reason.  Serving as a 24 hour locksmith in Brooklyn, Accurate Locksmith is always there to help you out of a tough situation.

Whether you need us in the afternoon or the late hour of 3:00 AM, our professionals are always ready to assist you with your locksmith needs.  We work with a number of reputable lock and security brands as well as guarantee all of our services.  From simple car reentry to deadbolt lock installation, we are equipped and qualified to bring you the security and peace of mind you deserve.  If a key is accidentally dropped outside of regular business hours, does a 24 hour Brooklyn locksmith still show up?  Answer: yes.

Do not panic the next time you find yourself locked outside; call our professionals to help you out instead.  For those who live in Brooklyn, 24 hour locksmiths are merely a phone call away and your prayers will be answered.  To learn more about our locksmith services and to speak with a professional locksmith, call Accurate Locksmith today at 718-775-5591.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Locksmith in Brooklyn

If you are searching for a 24 hour locksmith in Brooklyn, chances are that you have locked yourself out of your home or vehicle. You need look no further. Safehouse Locksmith is a professional locksmith company that serves New York City and the greater metro area. Give us a call and hang tight. We will arrive in no time to get you into your desired destination.

Our Brooklyn locksmiths are offer all of our customers reasonable prices. A common ruse that many of our competitors use it to offer a price on the phone and then add extra expenses after the fact. We promise our customers that the price agreed upon over the phone will reflect the final price that we charge.

We also never subcontract locksmiths. This cuts down on costs for everyone. Subcontracted locksmiths work on commissions and may try to add extra costs. That kind of malarkey is not tolerated here at Safehouse Locksmith. We provide our customers with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If anything breaks after installation or repair, we will immediately return and fix or replace the faulty item.

We provide many other lock services such as gate installations. This includes rolling gates,
automatic gates and storefront gates. We also offer several services regarding safes including:

  • Repair work
  • Combination changes
  • Bolting
  • Tune up
  • Changing of locks or keys
  • Drilling
  • Picking

We are a family owned and operated business and have over 20 years of experience in the locksmith field. For more information about any of our services regarding locksmiths in Brooklyn, call us at 718-775-5591. If you are locked out in the cold, we will be there in no time.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Locksmith in Queens

We often hear about a time in America where you could always leave your house unlocked without the fear of theft.  Maybe this is true or maybe it is slightly embellished, but that is definitely not the case in today’s society.  The unfortunate truth is that homeowners must be vigilant and do what they can to protect what is theirs.  If you have had the same locks for as long as you can remember then it is probably time to upgrade to newer ones.  Safehouse Locksmith is a locksmith in Queens that can help you bolster security.

Security is not an issue to be taken lightly.  At the very least, feeling secure has an incredibly calming effect on everyone you live with and can bring some happiness with it.  On the other hand, it can actually save you and protect everything you own.  A certain level of trust in your locks needs to exist.  Our locksmiths know the important task in front of them and work on your home’s locks as if it were their own homes and families.  

Our 24 hour locksmith in Queens will be able to assist you with all of your locksmith needs including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Home door lock changes
  • House key replacement
  • Deadbolt lock installation
  • Car reentry
  • Home reentry
  • Office building locks
  • New apartment lock installation
  • Panic bar installation

You can never really be too secure and safe.  Do not take a chance on your family’s security and hire a Queens locksmith instead.  For more information on our Queens locksmith services and to speak with one of our locksmiths, call Safehouse Locksmith today at 718-775-5591.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

24-Hour Locksmith in Flushing

Getting locked out of your home, business or car can be a terrifying experience. It is nerve-wracking to be locked out of a place you need to be, but it is even worse at night. You may become panic-stricken, nervous or worried when this happens. To help ease that worry and make you feel 100% safe, our locksmiths from Safehouse Locksmith work as 24-hour locksmiths in Flushing, Queens.

Our trained professionals have the knowledge and skills to help you get back into your home, office or car immediately. With years of experience at Safehouse Locksmith, we are confident that all of the problems you are having with your locks can be solved right away. We only use top-quality locks and equipment for all of our jobs, and we are familiar with all major manufacturers.

Getting locked out at some point in your lifetime is inevitable. As a 24-hour locksmith in Flushing, we understand that anything could happen with your locks at any given time. You could forget your key, your door knob could have broken or your car ignition could have been locked. We sympathize with you because we understand the frustration you are experiencing. We will work quickly and efficiently to get you on your way again.

Our 24-hourl ocksmiths in Flushing are well-versed in all residential, commercial and car lockouts and repairs. Whether you have an emergency or need us to install a new method of security for you, we will be there to complete any and all of the services you require. If a system we provide services for malfunctions after we work on it, we will fix or replace it right away.

Our motto is safe homes, safe businesses, safe communities. We promise to fulfill that goal at all times. For more information on the types of services we offer as 24-hour locksmiths in Flushing, contact us today at 718-380-6097.

Monday, January 14, 2013

24 Hour Locksmith in Fresh Meadows, 11366

Have you gone through a recent breakup with that “special someone?”  Have you just fired an employee who had access to your entire business?  Did you lose your keys in a public place?  Safehouse Locksmith knows that security is not a one-time procedure, but requires constant vigilance.  For help changing your locks or other security needs, there is a 24 hour locksmith in Fresh Meadows for you.

We understand that having an issue with your locks is when you are most vulnerable and can be a big security risk.  Safehouse Locksmith does everything possible to ease your mind and ensure that you can in fact trust us to help you.  All of our 24 hour locksmiths in Fresh Meadows are hired by Safehouse Locksmith and do not come from some third party.  These are employees we have deemed to be honest and trustworthy.  When handling the sensitive issue of security, any doubt is unacceptable.

Although cliche, the saying, “better safe than sorry” is completely true.  Do not put your family or business at risk when there are affordable 24 hour locksmiths in Fresh Meadows to help keep you safe.  For more information about our locksmith services, call Safehouse Locksmith today at 718-775-5591 to speak with one of our security experts.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

24 Hour Locksmith Long Island City

Thieves are everywhere, sot is always good to keep your car locked-except when your keys are inside. Are you standing outside your car looking for a 24 hour locksmith in Long Island City? Safehouse Locksmith is there for all of your emergencies. We can get you back into your car, apartment or any location that you may have locked yourself out of.

Other locksmith companies will give you one price over the phone, but charge another when they arrive. At that point, you are at their mercy. Safehouse Locksmith promises honest Long Island City 24 hour locksmith services. The price we give is the price you get.

Our locksmiths are all trained and employed in-house. We absolutely never hire subcontractors who may try to inflate prices to gain a better commission. We offer honest locksmith services and guarantee quality services. If any problem arises, we will repair or replace it.

Many kind of emergencies can occur when dealing with locks, but we are experienced and well-equipped to deal with all of them, around the clock. You may find yourself locked out of your home or vehicle.You might need a quick repair for deadbolt locks. If your key breaks off inside the lock, we can extract it.

Safehouse Locksmith installs commercial lock systems for offices and stores as well. Our technicians are trained to find the best lock system setup for your building. We work with combinations, mechanical locks, digital keypads and proximity scanners.

In addition to these services,w e install and repair rolling gates for your business’s entrance and windows. We work to provide a variety of services for automatic or manual storefront gates including:

  • Metal gates
  • Sliding gates
  • Door gates
  • Iron gates

For more information on our 24 hour locksmith in Long Island City, call us at 866-540-1333.

24 Hour Locksmith in Bayside, 11359

It can be extremely frustrating to be locked out of your house, knowing that you are being kept out of somewhere you belong.  This is a bad situation all the time, but what about at night during the winter?  Not only is this worse, but it can actually be dangerous if you find yourself stuck outside in the middle of the night.  Do not even think about finding something to break your window, just call a 24 hour locksmith in Bayside, 11359.

Safehouse Locksmith has the expertise and resources to serve all of your 24 hour locksmith needs.  You should not have to call multiple companies to find the services you need.  When you call us, our professionals are available around the clock to help in any way we can.  Our experts are available around the clock and the 24 hour locksmith services in Bayside, 11359 we offer are the following::

  • Master key system in Bayside, 11359
  • Deadbolt installation in Bayside, 11359
  • Door knob installation in Bayside, 11359
  • Locked mail box in Bayside, 11359
  • Rekeying services in Bayside, 11359
  • Changing locks in Bayside, 11359
  • Door closer installation in Bayside, 11359
  • Replace broken door locks in Bayside, 11359
  • Aluminum door pivots in Bayside, 11359
  • Lock repair in Bayside, 11359
  • Home break-in repairs in Bayside, 11359

Save yourself some money in window replacements and call us next time you need to get into your house or car.  For more information on our 24 hour locksmiths in Bayside, 11359, call Safehouse Locksmith today at 718-775-5591 to speak with one of our experts.

24 Hour Locksmith in Astoria

If you have ever been locked out of your home, business or car, you know that it can be a frightening experience – especially if it happens during the night. To help you with any services you may need when you have a problem with your locks is Safehouse Locksmith, a 24 hour locksmith in Astoria, Queens.

At Safehouse Locksmith, our highly-trained and skilled professionals specialize in top-quality locks and security equipment. With quick, reliable services, you can guarantee that your locks will be fixed in no time at all! We offer affordable prices and we do not sub-contract our jobs.

Our 24 hour locksmiths in Astoria work around the clock because it is our goal to keep you and your neighborhood safe. Our locksmiths manufacture and service all types of keys, from master keys to standard household keys.

Some of the services we provide as a company with 24 hour locksmiths in Astoria include:

  • Car locksmith services
  • Changing locks
  • Deadbolt lock installation
  • House key replacement
  • New home, office or apartment lock installation
  • Re-entry services
  • Re-keying services
  • Replacement locks
If you experience a problem after our professionals provide you with repairs or other locksmith services, we will fix the problem immediately. That is our service guarantee to you!

To speak with our 24 hour locksmiths in Astoria, or to find out more information about Safehouse Locksmith, contact us in Queens at 7180-380-6097 today!