Monday, April 25, 2016

Commercial Locksmith NYC

When most people think of a locksmith, they think of the person they call when they’ve accidentally locked themselves out of their home. While that is certainly true, locksmiths have a range of skills beyond simply “picking locks.” In fact, our commercial locksmith in NYC has skills proving to be especially valuable to real estate professionals, apartment managers, corporate businesses, and retail stores.

Safehouse Locksmith works with commercial property owners to provide locksmith services. Our professional commercial locksmith in NYC has the training, tools, and experience to bring you quality results without delay. We feature affordable prices you can rely on - at Safehouse Locksmith, we don't use subcontractors. For our customers, this means no hidden fees or price markups. When you need efficient commercial locksmith services, our specialists are available 24 hours a day.

Real estate professionals can call on commercial locksmiths for those unfortunate times they must deal with a foreclosure or eviction. Locksmiths will work with owners of the property and law enforcement as necessary to replace locks on homes, apartment doors, and mailboxes to ensure former residents and tenants cannot return. They can also set up master key systems for apartment managers that will provide them with access to all apartments.

Business owners can ask for a commercial locksmith in NYC to do a complete security audit of their establishments. Locksmiths will identify any security gaps and provide a range of solutions. High-security electronic locks are popular options, especially corporate offices. A locksmith can also provide keyless entry solutions that will only allow entry with the swipe of an ID card. This is ideal for allowing only authorized employees into areas with sensitive information. Plus, it prevents former employees and non-employees from entering the premises entirely.

Retail store owners have a range of security options available to them as well. Commercial locksmiths can install storefront security doors made of steel, iron, or bulletproof glass. They can also install pick resistant locks to reduce the chance of theft. Many store owners opt for buzzer entry systems so they can control the flow of people in an out of their establishments. Our commercial locksmith in NYC can even set up a security camera systems for those who want an added level of protection.

These examples only scratch the surface of what a locksmith can do. If you are a real estate professional or business owner, then contact your local commercial locksmith today. They have the knowledge, skills, and equipment to make sure your establishment or property is as secure as possible.

For more information about our commercial locksmith in NYC, call Safehouse Locksmith at (212) 757-1111.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Locksmith Queens

So you’ve locked yourself out of your house. You have a few options, most of them useless and/or impractical: Break down your door. Pick at your lock with a hairpin. 

Or you can call in an expert. Our locksmith in Queens is a professional who specializes in everything having to do with locks. We have the equipment and know-how to help you with all of your lock-related needs.

Safehouse Locksmith has assisted citizens and business owners with expert locksmith services for many years. We work hard to reach your location without delay, bringing you quality locksmith services to prevent stress and a delay in your day. All of our locksmiths are trained and never subcontracted - meaning you won't receive any hidden fees or markups. Since our technicians work only for Safehouse Locksmith, they cannot and will not add extra costs. When you need a spare key or emergency locksmith in Queens, we're here for you 24 hours a day.

Locksmiths can come in handy in a variety of situations, not just ones related to forgetting your house keys inside your house. locksmiths can cut (duplicate) keys for any kind of lock. They can also supply, fit, and service window and door locks for home and commercial buildings. Locksmiths are also safe experts: They will make sure that your safe box is properly installed in your location of choice and as secure as you want it to be, to ensure that thieves will not be able to access your most valuable possessions.

Certain locksmiths have specialties, such as auto lock services (it’s never fun to lock yourself out of your car!). Others provide services around the clock. After all, we don’t always lose our keys during business hours, and no one wants to be stuck outside their house at 2 a.m. Regardless of the service you need, our locksmith in Queens is there to help you. 

As safety experts, our locksmiths take their jobs very seriously. They understand that they are providing an important security service for our clients, one that oftentimes protects the safety of expensive or irreplaceable items, or, more importantly, loved ones. If you find yourself stuck in a lock-related rut, you know who to call!

Our affordable locksmith in Queens is available throughout the borough, including the following neighborhoods:

Friday, April 1, 2016

Locksmith in Brooklyn

4 Home Security Mistakes You Can Avoid This Year

Did you know one household burglary occurs every 15 seconds in the United States? Statistics also show that 30 percent of household robberies involve a burglar getting into a home through an unlocked door or window. Our locksmith in Brooklyn can evaluate your home and update protective measures to ensure optimal defense against theft. 

Safehouse Locksmith serves NYC with professional locksmith services ranging from car locksmith services to an emergency locksmith in Brooklyn. With over 20 years' experience, we understand each neighborhood and the concerns found within. We work with residential and commercial property owners to give them the locksmith services they need to ensure peace-of-mind when leaving home for the day or closing up shop for the night. We feature affordable prices and premium service techniques, completing each locksmith job with professionalism and a commitment to your satisfaction and safety.

Avoid becoming a statistic by not making any of these household security mistakes this year.

Mistake #1: Investing in a Wired Security System

When polled, 25 percent of household burglars admit to cutting alarm and phone wires before entering a home. If you have a wireless security system, there are not any wires to cut. Furthermore, your wireless security systems are powered by batteries and will continue to function if the power goes out.

Mistake #2: You Don’t Always Lock Your Door

Whether you are forgetting to lock your door or you are just in the habit of leaving it unlocked, you are making a huge mistake. Statistics show that three out of every ten burglars are brazen enough to see if your front door is unlocked and walk right in your home if it is. Our locksmith in Brooklyn specializes in deadbolt lock installation, bump proof lock installation, and lock change services to offer protection against theft.

Mistake #3: You Forgot to Lock Your Windows

Doors are definitely easier to remember to lock than windows. Unfortunately, those same statistics suggest that burglars are also brazen enough to venture around your home and see if they can open any windows from the outside. In addition to forgetting to lock windows, some homeowners have windows that do not even have locks on them. It is imperative to not only make sure that every window in your home has a lock, but you need to make sure they are locked when you don’t have them opened.

Mistake #4: You Talk About Your Vacation Plans on Social Media

You should never talk about your vacation plans online. You also shouldn’t adjust your voicemail to tell people you are away on vacation either. This is more or less advertising that your home is ripe for burglars to pick from. You should always take necessary steps to make sure your home looks as though someone is home. This means your lights should be on timers and someone should pick up your mail for you. A stuffed mailbox and lights that are always on or off is a surefire sign that no one is home.

Our locksmith in Brooklyn is local to all neighborhoods within the borough, including the following:

By avoiding these four mistakes, your home is far less likely to be the victim of a break-in.

For more information about our locksmith in Brooklyn, call Safehouse Locksmith at (718) 775-5591.