Monday, March 28, 2016

Locksmith in Bronx

Burglary is something a lot of homeowners do not give much thought to. You make the mistake of assuming it will never happen. Unfortunately, burglars have a gift for taking advantage of homeowners with this mentality.

When you think about a residential burglar, you think about someone who is dressed from head-to-foot in black with a ski mask covering his face while he is using a professional toolkit to get in your home. It, however, is extremely common for a household burglar to be an average looking individual who simply enters the home through an unlocked door or window.

Safehouse Locksmith secures homes and offices with expert services. Our professional locksmith in Bronx gives your home the protection needed to safeguard your personal belongings, assets, documents, and important heirlooms. Your protection is important to us, which is why we promptly complete locksmith services, at competitive rates, to ensure you have the protection you need without delay. Burglary can occur at any time. Make sure you have the peace-of-mind you deserve when leaving your home for the day or office for the evening. 

As a homeowner, one of the best things you can do is look at your home from the mind of a house burglar. Do you know how a burglar would get into your home?

Right Through Your Front Door

Did you know that nearly 30 percent of burglaries occur because the door was unlocked? Statistically, only about 40 percent of household burglaries involve the burglar forcibly breaking into your home. The other 30 percent of household break-ins involve experienced burglars who know all the right places to look for the spare key you have hidden outside of your home.

Fortunately, our locksmith in Bronx knows this as well. We will work with you to develop a lock system granting optimal protection. When you turn the key to leave each morning, you'll be arming your property with affordable protection and theft prevention.

Spotting an Easy Target

Truthfully, most burglars do not like targeting homes which look difficult to get inside. Burglars look for targets where no one appears to be home, with no security systems, no alarms, and a window or door that would be easy to unlock or break. Since a burglar needs to move quickly in order to get and out of a home, they are not going to bother with your home if it looks as though it is locked up tight.

Stuffed mailboxes and lights that are always on are a surefire sign no one is home. In addition to keeping your home locked up tight, you need to have a friend or family member collect your mail and consider placing the lights on a timer.

Speak to our locksmith in Bronx about some of our locksmith services, including bump proof locks in Brooklyn and deadbolt locks. With a prompt installation, your home will have protection against amateur burglars and those who know flaws in some locking systems.

A home security system and locks on your doors and windows are the best defenses you have against household burglars. If someone has decided to forcibly break into your home, there is not a lot you can do to stop it from happening. However, you can stop your home from appealing to nearly 60 percent of burglars just by making sure it isn’t an easy target and calling our locksmith in Bronx for expert services.

For more information about our affordable locksmith in Bronx, call Safehouse Locksmith at (718) 469-4444.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Car Locksmith in Westchester County NY

Getting locked out of your car is a stressful, frustrating experience. No matter if you left your keys inside, or your key is broken; if you need to get inside a vehicle, standing in the cold can really put a strain on your plans. A car locksmith in Westchester County NY is your friend in any and all situations such as this. Don't leave yourself outside, scratching your head. Don't waste time with uncertain solutions that may get you in trouble if you happen to be caught breaking into your own property. Call us now!

Safehouse Locksmith turns major stress into minor hassles with our car locksmith services. As established locksmiths, we understand the importance of providing prompt, affordable car locksmith services to drivers. Our expert car locksmith in Westchester County NY is available when you need with the skills necessary to get you back on your way without delay. Our commitment to your satisfaction and well-being has allowed us to maintain our role as a trusted car locksmith company in NY. With Safehouse Locksmith by your side, you're sure to receive professional service to promptly get you out of a stressful situation.

We also understand that these situations are not time sensitive. You can't be left to your own devices in the middle of the night, early morning, or any other time when you need to be somewhere important. This is why we maintain a business philosophy of having available a 24 hour car locksmith in Westchester County NY, seven days a week. Whenever you need us, we will be on our way. This includes holidays, weekends, and all types of extreme weather conditions.

We deal with all types of vehicles as well as property locks. This includes newer, electronic based car locking systems that nobody else would be able to get into. That is, except for the qualified locksmiths you're getting when you call us. And we can also help you get inside an electronic lock of modern office buildings, warehouses, factories, and more. In short, if it locks, we can open it.

Our car locksmith in Westchester County NY is available throughout the county, no matter the time, including the following areas:

We've also helped numerous individuals strengthen their existing locks. No matter your locking needs, whether it's getting inside or staying safe behind the door, we've got you covered. The job of a locksmith is ever changing as new technology comes out that ensures our enhanced safety. We stay up to date with all the trends and tech necessary to give you the best service you can buy.

For more information about our car locksmith in Westchester County NY, call Safehouse Locksmith at (914) 294-3777.